How to schedule automatic updates

In order to keep your datasources updated you can activate on each the automatic refresh option. Go on the datasource, and in options check the “Refresh automatically” option .

Once done, click on the “edit” link to open the configuration popup and configure the schedule options.

Parameters :

  • Timezone : the timezone is important, the system will try to detect your own timezone. Hours, days and so have to be configured based on your local timezone.
  • Hours : By default it will trigger every hour. You can set a fixed list of hours, or an interval (starting at 0 am)

    Warning : You can not chose the minuteat which the update is triggered, Google automatically schedules this parameter. Once initialized every task will trigger generally at the same minute.
  • Days : You can set a fixed day in the month. For example only the 7 first days of the month.
  • Days of week : You can chose to launch the task only on specific days of the week, for example only on working days
  • Month : By default every month, can be used to trigger events only once a year for example.